ImageAthleteSportLimb DifferenceMedalssport_hfilter
Megan Absten
Megan AbstenUpper Arm2 🥈track-field
Kelly Allen
Kelly AllenLower5th 🏅canoe
Benjamin Aman
Benjamin AmanLower8th 🏅volleyball
Allan Armstrong
Allan ArmstrongLower1🥈triathlon
Ari ArratiaMultiple1 🥈table-tennis
Hannah Aspden
Hannah AspdenLower2 🥉swimming
Jackson Atwood
Jackson AtwoodLower1 🥇track-field
Femita Ayanbeku
Femita AyanbekuLower1 🥉track-field
Mark Barr
Mark BarrLower1 🥇triathlon
Sydney Barta
Sydney BartaLower1 🥇track-field
Scout Bassett
Scout BassettLower8th 🏅track-field
Brian Bell
Brian BellLower1 🥇basketball
Eric Bennett
Eric BennettUpper8th 🏅archery
Joe Berenyi
Joe BerenyiUpper1 🥇 2 🥈 1 🥉cycling
David Berling
David BerlingLower7th 🏅cycling
Natalie Bieule
Natalie BieuleLower6th 🏅track-field
Samantha Bosco
Samantha BoscoLimbDiff1 🥉cycling
Stephen Bracken
Stephen BrackenLower1 🥈volleyball
Jack Briggs
Jack BriggsupperSemis 🏅track-field
Brickelle Bro
Brickelle Brolowerswimming
Robert BrownLower1 🥉canoe
Jamie Brown
Jamie BrownMulti1 🥇triathlon
Monique Burkland
Monique BurklandLower1 🥇 1 🥈volleyball
Jeremy Campbell
Jeremy CampbellLower1 🥇track-field
Josh Cinnamo
Josh CinnamoUpper1 🥇track-field
Patricia Collins
Patricia Collinslower1 🥇triathlon
Alyssia Crook
Alyssia Crooklowerswimming
Nicholas Dadgostar
Nicholas DadgostarLower1 🥈volleyball
Hailey Danz
Hailey DanzLower1 🥈triathlon
Tom Davis
Tom DavisLowercycling
Freddie De Los Santos
Freddie De Los SantosLowercycling
AJ Digby
AJ DigbyLowertrack-field
Eric Duda
Eric Dudaupper1 🥈volleyball
Tye Dutcher
Tye Dutcherlowerswimming
Tia Edwards
Tia Edwardsuppervolleyball
Heather Erickson
Heather Ericksonlowervolleyball
Jeff Fabry
Jeff Fabrymulti1 🥇archery
Jenna Fesemyer
Jenna Fesemyerlowertrack-field
Megan Fisher
Megan Fisherlower1 🥇cycling
Annie Flood
Annie Floodlower1 🥇volleyball
Josie Fouts
Josie Foutsupper1 🥈cycling
Ezra Frech
Ezra Frechmulti1 🥇track-field
Hugh Freund
Hugh Freundlower1 🥈sailing
Julia Gaffney
Julia Gaffneylower dbl1 🥇swimming
Mike Gallardo
Mike Gallardolower1 🥇track-field
Rudy Garcia-Tolson
Rudy Garcia-Tolsonlower1 🥇swimming
David Gelfand
David Gelfandlower1 🥇swimming
Aaron Gouge
Aaron Gougelower1 🥇basketball
Roderick Green
Roderick Greenlower8th 🏅volleyball
Sam Grewe
Sam Grewelower1 🥈track-field
Chris Hammer
Chris Hammerupper4th 🏅triathlon
Jaquvis Hart
Jaquvis Hartupper1 🥇track-field
Beatriz Hatz
Beatriz Hatzlower5th 🏅track-field
Blake Haxton
Blake Haxtonlowerrowing
Jessica Heims
Jessica Heimslower7th 🏅track-field
Lacey Henderson
Lacey Hendersonlower8th 🏅track-field
Ray Hennagir
Ray Hennagirmulti1 🥈rugby
Dalton Herendeen
Dalton Herendeenlower4th 🏅swimming
Katie Holloway
Katie Hollowaylowervolleyball
Kevan Hueftle
Kevan Hueftlelowertrack-field
Desmond Jackson
Desmond JacksonLower5th 🏅track-field
Trevon Jenifer
Trevon JeniferLower1🥈basketball
Mikaela Jenkins
Mikaela JenkinsLower1 🥇swimming
Allison Jones
Allison JonesLower1 🥇cycling
John Joss
John JossLowershooting
Jacqui Kapinowski
Jacqui KapinowskiLower7th 🏅rowing
Brad Kendell
Brad KendellLower1 🥈sailing
Todd Key
Todd KeyLower10th 🏅cycling
Keegan Knott
Keegan KnottLower1 🥉swimming
John Kremer
John KremerLower1 🥈volleyball
Mohamed Lahna
Mohamed LahnaLower1 🥉cycling
Noelle Lambert
Noelle LambertLower4th 🏅track-field
Jessica Long
Jessica LongLower1 🥇swimming
Sebastiana Lopez-Arellano
Sebastiana Lopez-ArellanoLower1 🥇track-field
Michael Lukow
Michael LukowLowerarchery
Jason Macom
Jason MacomLower1 🥈cycling
J. Dee Marinko
J. Dee MarinkoLower8th 🏅volleyball
Hannah McFadden
Hannah McFaddenLower4th 🏅track-field
Trenten Merrill
Trenten MerrillLower4th 🏅track-field
Nichole Millage
Nichole MillageLower1 🥇volleyball
Kari Miller
Kari MillerLower1 🥇volleyball
Bailey Moody
Bailey MoodyLowerbasketball
Elise Morley
Elise MorleyUpperswimming
Joe Murray
Joe MurrayLower1🥇swimming
Grace Norman
Grace NormanLowertriathlon
Davie PageLowerpowerlifting
Jamey Parks
Jamey ParksLowercanoe
Joey Peppersack
Joey PeppersackLowerswimming
Roy Perkins
Roy Perkinsup&lowswimming
Jarrett Perry
Jarrett PerryLowerswimming
Paul Peterson
Paul PetersonLowerswimming
David Prince
David PrinceLowertrack-field
Korey Puderbaugh
Korey Puderbaughup&lowrugby
Luis Puertas
Luis PuertasLowertrack-field
Dan Regan
Dan ReganLower8th 🏅volleyball
Travis David Ricks
Travis David RicksLower6th 🏅volleyball
Nick Rogers
Nick RogersLower5th 🏅track-field
Jorge Sanchez
Jorge SanchezLower1 🥈basketball
Sydney Satchell
Sydney SatchellLower1 🥇volleyball
Jese Schag
Jese SchagLower8th 🏅volleyball
Michelle Schiffler
Michelle SchifflerUpper1 🥇volleyball
Summer Schmit
Summer SchmitUpper1 🥇swimming
Barry SchroederLower7th 🏅soccer
Allysa Seely
Allysa SeelyLowertriathlon
Chris Seilkop
Chris SeilkopLowervolleyball
Roderick Sewell
Roderick SewellLower1 🥇swimming
Haven Shepherd
Haven ShepherdLower1 🥈swimming
Alexis Shifflett
Alexis ShifflettLower1 🥇volleyball
Natalie Sims
Natalie SimsUpper8th 🏅swimming
Jerome Singleton
Jerome SingletonLower1 🥇track-field
Jeff Skiba
Jeff SkibaLower1 🥇track-field
Nick Slade
Nick SladeUpper7th 🏅track-field
Lizzi Smith
Lizzi SmithUpper1 🥈swimming
Josh Smith
Josh SmithLower8th 🏅volleyball
Melissa Stockwell
Melissa StockwellLower1 🥉triathlon
James Stuck
James StuckLower8th 🏅volleyball
Matt Stutzman
Matt StutzmanUpper1 🥈archery
Samuel Surowiec
Samuel SurowiecLowervolleyball
Charlie Swearingen
Charlie SwearingenLower8th 🏅volleyball
Matthew Torres
Matthew TorresLimbDiff1 🥇swimming
Samantha Tubbs
Samantha TubbsLimbDiff1 🥇swimming
Samantha Tucker
Samantha TuckerUpperarchery
Shaquille Vance
Shaquille VanceLower1 🥈track-field
Jarryd Wallace
Jarryd WallaceLower5th 🏅track-field
Jacob Waters
Jacob WatersLower1 🥉cycling
Amy Watt
Amy WattLimbDiff6th 🏅track-field
Lora Webster
Lora WebsterLimbDiff1 🥇volleyball
MeiMei White
MeiMei WhiteLimbDiff1 🥇swimming
Taleah Williams
Taleah WilliamsUpper5th 🏅track-field
Hunter Woodhall
Hunter WoodhallDBKA1 🥈track-field
Tanner Wright
Tanner WrightLimbDiff10th 🏅track-field
Bethany Zummo
Bethany ZummoLower1 🥇volleyball
International - Germany
International – Germany
International - Canada
International – Canada
International - Britain
International – Britain
Regas Woods
Regas Woodstrack-field
Leo Rodgers
Leo Rodgerscycling
Nicky Nieves
Nicky Nievesvolleyball
Jake Schrom
Jake Schrompowerlifting
Isaac French
Isaac Frenchrowing
Emma Rose Ravish
Emma Rose Ravisharchery
Jonathan Gore
Jonathan Goretrack-field
Oksana Masters
Oksana Masterscycling
Morgan Stickney
Morgan Stickneyswimming
Anja PierceLowercanoe
Cody Bureau
Cody Bureauupper1 🥉swimming
Dani Aravich
Dani Aravichtrack-field
David Blair
David Blairtrack-field
Elizabeth Marks
Elizabeth Marksswimming
Eric McElvenny
Eric McElvennytriathlon
Kelly Elmlinger
Kelly Elmlingertriathlon
Connor Stroud
Connor Stroudtennis
Jillian Williams
Jillian Williamsvolleyball
Kevin Nguyen
Kevin Nguyenshooting
Christy Gardner
Christy Gardnertrack-field
Beatrice De Lavalette
Beatrice De Lavaletteequestrian
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