Bailey Moody

Bailey Moody

The Backstory:
After being diagnosed with stage four osteosarcoma at age 10, Moody underwent a rotationplasty procedure on her right leg. After her recovery, she went back to playing able-bodied basketball (which she played prior to her illness) and was introduced to wheelchair basketball at age 12. As her skills improved, she made wheelchair hoops her main focus.  Moody debuted with the US National Team at the 2018 World Championships. She is making her first Paralympic appearance.

Away from the court:
Moody is entering her second year at the University of Alabama. She is intentional about using her platform to uplift and encourage others through sharing her hard work and achievements.

In their own words:
“I think this can be a reminder to athletes that things do not always go exactly the way that you want them to. Sometimes there will be adversity that you must fight through, but it will just make the end all the more worth it.”

“I didn’t want to be considered disabled. I didn’t want any limitations to be put on me.”

“I like to be the best; I like to outwork people. For me to not be able to do certain things right away just because I wasn’t physically capable of it or I hadn’t healed enough to do so, I think was the hardest part.”

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1st-time Paralympian



  • Sport: Wheelchair basketball
  • Limb Difference: Right below knee
  • DOB: 11/16/01
  • Residence: Alpharetta, GA
  • College: University of Alabama
  • Classification: 4