Barriers, Enablers Affect Lower-limb Amputees’ Community Walking

Since walking in the community is essential to participate in work, leisure, social activities and family roles, a study explored ...

Massive Medicare Fraud Scheme Exposed

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has announced multiple indictments and law enforcement actions related to one of the nation's ...

AARP and AARP Foundation Submit Amicus Brief in Support of ACA

AARP and AARP Foundation filed an amicus brief on April 1 with the United States Court of Appeals for the ...



This practical guide for preparing for, adapting to, and living with limb loss provides current, in-depth information about:

  • Healthcare team selection
  • Postoperative care
  • Physical rehabilitation
  • Emotional adjustment
  • Pain management
  • Peer support
  • Adaptations for home and work
  • Prosthetic devices, fitting, and adjustments


First Swim Event Leads to First Friday Swims

First Swim Event Leads to First Friday Swims

Hanger Clinic recently sponsored a First Swim in Charlotte, North Carolina, at the Harris YMCA. This was the third year ...

Income and Insurance Affect Likelihood of Leg Amputation

A research team set out to determine if lower median household income (MHI) and Medicaid/no insurance status are associated with ...

Study Finds Amputees’ Low Aerobic Capacity Unchanged by Rehab

Ample cardiorespiratory fitness has been considered a prerequisite for walking with a prosthesis. A study published March 22 in the ...

Characters With Amputations Play Leading Roles in How to Train Your Dragon

While amputees work in almost every field, even in such demanding jobs as police officers, soldiers, and firefighters, one has ...