Isaac French

Isaac French


The Backstory:
Isaac French was born in South Korea without shinbones and at four years old had a bilateral through-the-knee amputation after he arrived in the United States. His first step into the sporting world was wrestling, but after a sibling started rowing his interest was piqued. Without a clue or idea how to start adaptive rowing, French just dived in…literally. The first day working with coach Chris Meyer they just got him in the boat, without straps or anything, and he almost fell over backwards. While he has had some learning curves along the way, French has made great strides. After a successful Worlds debut, placing fifth in Sarasota-Bradenton, USA in 2017 with his teammate and again in the 2019 Worlds he finished fifth in the PR2 single, French has set his sights on competing in the Tokyo 2022 Paralympic games.

In their own words:
“Of the four Paralympic values, I identify most with determination because my whole life I’ve been very determined, and I believe I can do anything I want to.”

“I like competition a lot, it helps you excel and it helps you push yourself. It’s exciting to see how you can do”

“My long-term goal is to go to Tokyo in 2020. For the midterm is to become a faster rower, a better person and a better friend and family member”

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  • Sport: Rowing
  • Limb Difference: Bilateral leg amputee
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