Taleah Williams

Taleah Williams


The Backstory:
A congenital upper-limb amputee, Williams grew up competing against able-bodied athletes in track and basketball. She ran able-bodied track in college at Doane University (NAIA) and surprised the experts by qualifying for the 2016 Paralympic team.  She made the finals in the long jump at the Rio Games, finishing just shy of a medal in fifth place. Williams scored another upset at the 2017 World Championships, winning gold in the long jump.

Away from the Track:
Williams holds a degree in exercise and health science from Doane University. She graduated in 2019.

In their own words:
“I train almost every day. I work out, study tapes and train, and yet, my first jump is always the nervous one. I don’t know why, but it gets a lot easier after that first jump.”

“You know us as athletes. We’re so much more. We are artists, activists, dreamers, and doers. And we are unstoppable.”

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Prior Paralympics: 2016

5th 🏅


  • Sport: Track & Field
  • Limb Difference: Congenital left below elbow
  • DOB: 2/21/97
  • Residence: Norfolk, NE
  • College: Doane College
  • Previous Games: 2016
  • Classification: T47