Megan Fisher

Megan Fisher


The backstory:
While a natural athlete throughout her younger years, Megan Fisher’s journey with competitive sports changed when she was in a critical car accident in 2002. Though it was a long and touchy recovery, Fisher came through having survived a coma and the amputation of her lower left leg. After being fitted with a prosthetic and putting in the hours for physical therapy, she competed in her first triathlon only 2 years after the accident. Fisher took a liking to cycling, racking up a number of achievements in both road and track cycling over the years. From 2010-2015, she has earned 9 World Championship medals, 5 gold, 2 silver, and 2 bronze. She has also made name for herself in the Paralympic world, earning both gold and silver medals in the 2012 London Paralympic Games. In the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, she took home another silver medal and a bronze as well. Fisher retired from Team USA in 2012.

Away from cycling:
Through her recovery from the accident and pursuit of her competitive career, Fisher has worked closely with a number of physical therapists. She attended the University of Washington in the physical therapy program. Fisher is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Athletic Performance Coach, and Motivational Speaker currently based in Missoula, Montana. She actively fulfilling of these roles, through which her goal is to encourage, inspire, and demonstrate the capacity of the human body.

In their own words:
“My PT was awesome. She gave me the confidence that I could lead a fulfilling, pain-free life, and that I had what it took to become a physical therapist, too.”

“My life’s work has been to help others unlock the potential in their bodies and develop resilience so that the stresses of time and age are less diminishing.”

“I wanted to become as fast as my dog. At first, she kicked my butt, but I got to a point I could take her for a ride in the morning and be out alone for another later in the day.”

“I have done more with one foot than I ever would have with two.”

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Paralympian 2016

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  • Sport: Cycling
  • Limb Difference: 
  • DOB: 3/1/83
  • Residence: Missoula, MT
  • College: Still in H.S. - South Salem HS
  • Previous Games: 2016
  • Classification: WC4


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