Trevon Jenifer

Trevon Jenifer

The Backstory:
Born without legs, Trevon Jenifer grew up excelling in sports. He wrestled in high school, competing and winning against able-bodied athletes, and he set several national records in wheelchair racing for youth divisions. Jenifer went on to be play for the Edinboro University men’s wheelchair basketball team, winning All-America honors in 2010 and 2011. He made his Paralympic debut in 2012, helping Team USA win a bronze medal at the London Paralympics, and he earned gold at the Rio Paralympic Games in 2016.

Away from the court:
Jenifer works for the federal government in security and hopes to become a lawyer. He published an autobiography, From the Ground Up, in 2006.

In their own words:
“I think sometimes we set goals, but we don’t set a roadmap to get to that goal. If we understand the way to get there, it makes it easier to obtain that goal.”

 “Self-discipline is a huge thing. I don’t know how many times I had to turn down going to parties or going out with friends because we had early morning practice the next day or I had to do a individual session. Anytime we were in basketball season I refused to take a drink of alcohol, and friends made fun of me because at a certain point basketball never ended with my collegiate career and then Team USA.”

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Prior Paralympics: 2016

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  • Sport: Wheelchair Basketball
  • Limb difference: Congenital bilateral above knee
  • DOB: 9/7/88
  • Residence: Edinboro, PA
  • College: Edinboro University
  • Classification: 2.5