Jonathan Gore


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The Backstory:
Jonathan Gore competed as an able-bodied track and field athlete at Concord University. After wrapping up his collegiate running career in 2017, he severely injured his heel in a lawn mower accident. He was back on the track just a few months after his accident and locked in on making it to the Paralympics. Gore credits US teammate Jarryd Wallace with helping him make the transition to adaptive sports. In his short time as an amputee athlete, he has emerged as a strong medal contender. At the US National Trials he finished second in the men’s 200 meters and clocked in his best time in the 100 meter dash at 00:11:29.

Away from the track:
Gore graduated with a bachelor’s in social work from Concord in 2017 and is now pursuing his master’s degree in health promotion. As he works toward his second degree at Concord, he is doubling as a graduate assistant and track and field coach. He enjoys traveling and meeting new people.

In their own words:
“The ER, right before my surgery, he asked me if I had any questions. The first question was how much of my leg was he going to remove. The second question was if I could eat that day because I literally had not eaten that entire day. And the last question was after he does this, could I get a running blade so I could train in the Paralympics.”

“The person that really got me going into the Paralympic world was Jarryd Wallace. I’m just thankful (to) God for this opportunity, and I’m thankful for Jarryd being the mediator for the Paralympics and for myself and helping me in every step of the way.”

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1st-time Paralympian



  • Sport: Track and Field
  • Limb Difference: Below Knee
  • DOB: 9/8/1994
  • Residence: Fayetteville, WV
  • College: Concord University
  • Classification: T64