Tom Davis


The Backstory:
Tom Davis suffered major injuries due to a roadside bomb explosion, during his time stationed in Iraq with the Army in 2006.The accident resulted in a fractured right knee, fractured arms, a dislocated elbow, a traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress disorder, as well as an amputated left leg above the knee.  It was a long road to recovery both physically and mentally for Davis, but through the discovery of his faith and handcycling things started looking up. He set out with the goal to ride, be the best he could be and hopefully win doing it. After a few years of improvement and qualifying for USA World Championship team, Davis has finally qualified to compete for the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games. His priority is being as prepared as possible going into the games and has crafted his training to help him get there.

Away from cycling:
Davis is married with four children and spends his free time engaging in his children’s activities and enjoying life in their small time. He will occasionally visit schools to share his experiences and encourage young adults to pursue their passions in life.

In their own words:
“I am in the best possible shape of my career right now, so finally, when we can get going to race, I am feeling confident about where things are for me. I am looking forward to getting back to competing.”

“Find what you enjoy and what brings you satisfaction and do that. That’s what your job should be.”

“There were two things that saved my life. One, was accepting Jesus Christ as my Savior. After I gave my life to Christ, I lived a life of freedom, joy and satisfaction. The other thing was finding my handcycle and riding it.”

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Paralympian 2016|


  • Sport: Cycling
  • Limb Difference: 
  • DOB: 4/22/77
  • Residence: Ft Wayne, IN
  • College: Northwood University – Midland
  • Previous Games: 2016|
  • Classification: MH4