The Backstory:
In 2007 Rodgers was in a motorbike accident that resulted in his left leg being amputated at the hip. Although his days on a motorcycle were over, he knew he wanted to keep cycles in his life, so he attended the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute to become a certified mechanic. While it did take almost four years after the accident, he did get back on a bicycle again. After putting in the work to feel comfortable on a bike and start seeing progress, Rodgers set his sights on a new goal competing and winning. In 2017 he competed in the 2017 U.S. Paralympic Track Cycling Open, but his main goal is to be on Team USA in the 2020 Paralympics. Rodgers has continued to keep his eyes fixed on Tokyo and is someone to keep eyes on.

Away from cycling:
Rodgers finds his joy in his free time biking to and from work, hanging out with the guys after a long day, and joyrides where he pushes his limits.

In their own words:
“I was always on two wheels, but now I could go fast. I definitely had a love and a need for speed. That’s where my adrenaline rush came from”

“The first bike I ever bought was a single speed 26-inch Redline. I loved it for the sentimental value of it, but [after the accident] it was just sitting there collecting dust. … I’d walk my dog with it and let him pull me around and think, ‘this is cool, but I wish I could pedal it.'”

“When I moved back to the Tampa area, I bought shoes and a cleat. Once I was clipped in, it was game on: The freedom came back and I had smiles from ear to ear,”

“It’s hard for me to put words together when it comes to me but I have some great people around me that I’m grateful for. I’m here to inspire others but I am inspired myself over and over by you all. More to come!”

“I want the jersey, I want the medals, and I want to do this for my city. I want to put the whole Tampa Bay area on my back and represent us, so I’ve been pushing hard.”

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