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Infrastructure Bill Could Open New Doors for Amputees

It wasn’t easy, but Congress finally passed the much-debated bipartisan infrastructure bill last week. As we noted two months ago, when the Senate passed its version of the legislation, this bill includes some significant gains for amputees and other people with disabilities. The biggest of those is the $1.7 billion All Stations Accessibility Program (ASAP),...


Amputee Coalition Seeks New Advocates

We’re three weeks out from Limb Loss Awareness Month, and about five weeks out from one of the big LLAM events: the Amputee Coalition’s Advocacy Forum on April 11-12. Registration has been open for a couple of weeks, and there’s still plenty of time to sign up. Here’s where you can get started. Why register?...


A Potent New Pairing for Team Amputee

When Nicole Ver Kuilen takes on a challenge, she doesn’t think small. A below-knee amputee since age 10, Ver Kuilen completed a 1,500-mile triathlon down the Pacific Coast a few years ago to focus attention on the barriers amputees face in obtaining fitness-oriented prosthetics.


Amputee Coalition National Conference: Save the Date

The Amputee Coalition held its National Conference virtually last year, and the results were truly outstanding: They put on a great show and set an all-time record for attendance. But there’s still no substitute for face-to-face gatherings to build relationships. So to maximize the odds that people can attend this year’s Conference in person, and...


Amputee Coalition: National Conference and Legislative Update

It’s a busy week over at the Amputee Coalition. Two big pieces of news have come out, and both require action on your part. First, registration is now open for the organization’s annual conference. The all-online event will take place August 19 through 22, with tracks on health and wellness, work and career, youth and...


How to Win Your Insurance Appeal in 5 Easy Steps

Ali Ingersoll has waged war on the insurance industry so many times she’s almost starting to have fun doing it. She never enjoys the dozens of hours she spends gathering paperwork, sitting on hold, or slashing through the thicket of rules and regs that govern insurance appeals. But when you go through all that and...


Fair Insurance for Amputees: The State of the States

Twenty years ago this month, Colorado became the first state to mandate fair and reasonable insurance coverage for prosthetic devices. Known colloquially as the Prosthetic Parity Act, the Colorado law required private health insurers to offer coverage at the same level as Medicare: 80 percent coverage with no lifetime benefit cap.


Black Lives, Black Limbs

No matter the color of an amputee’s skin or the size of their paycheck, the challenges of limb loss are relatively equal from person to person. But the causes of amputation aren't equal.