Limb Loss/Limb Difference Awareness Month kicks off in two days, and the Amputee Coalition is offering a handful of uber-convenient ways for you to connect with the community. They’ll be sponsoring webinars and virtual events all month, on subjects ranging from advocacy to peer support, storytelling, and youth. Registration is open now for all of the following:

April 12: Amputee Youth Camp
After a two-year hiatus, the AC’s Paddy Rossbach Youth Camp is back on an in-person basis for 2022. Peer support director Sarah DeMaio and peer support manager Katie Flanary will fill you in on the details of this summer’s reunion, which takes place in Greenville, Tennessee, July 3-10. Register here.

April 13: Advocacy Forum
The annual Advocacy Forum is one of the Amputee Coalition’s signature events. This year’s forum will be held virtually over three days (April 13, April 20, and May 3), offering an overview of the biggest items on the limb-loss policy agenda for 2022 and how-to instruction to make you a more effective advocate in your own community. Register here.

April 14: Why Limb Loss/Limb Difference Month Matters
The amputee community has grown by leaps and bounds since the first Limb Loss/Limb Difference Awareness Month back in 2011. In this live presentation, members of the amputee community will describe how educating the general public about limb loss has made a difference in their own lives. Register here.

April 19: National Limb Loss Resource Center
There’s almost no question about limb loss that you can’t answer via the Resource Center, but too many amputees (and their families) don’t know how to use this facility to their advantage. Get a crash course in what the Resource Center offers, how it can help you solve problems, and how you can connect. Register here.

April 27: Peer Support Webinar
Want to become a Certified Peer Visitor? Looking for a connection with a CPV in your area? This overview session will discuss the critical role that peer visitors play and outline the steps you can take to get CPV training. Register here.