So Everybody Can Move: 2024 Legislative Wrap-up

Most state legislatures have adjourned for 2024, and advocates for broader prosthetic insurance scored significant wins for the second straight year.

Led by the national So EveryBODY Can Move coalition, grassroots organizers in ten states advanced legislation requiring insurers to expand coverage of prosthetic devices. As Amplitude went to press, three SEBCM bills had passed in 2024, and two others were still active in late-adjourning legislatures. As in 2023, this year’s bills attracted near-unanimous bipartisan support, a rarity amid today’s bitter political divisions. 

Organizing for 2025 is already happening. Visit to get involved in your state. Here are the highlights from the 2024 cycle (see Amplitude’s online bill tracker for more details):


Only one legislator voted against Maryland’s bill, which was shepherded to passage by Marine veteran John Edward Heath and prosthetists Sheryl Sachs and Nina Bondre.

New Hampshire 

After stalling in 2023, the bill passed in 2024 thanks in part to analysis showing that prosthetic insurance reform could save NH about $50 million a year in healthcare spending.


The bill passed just before midnight on the final day of the session, boosted by a huge PR win in March: the first-ever amputee mobility clinic within a state capitol building.


The tenacious Maggie Baumer helped line up 20 cosponsors for the Bay State’s SEBCM bill, which has a strong chance of passage before the session’s July 31 close. 

New Jersey 

After a near-miss in 2023, the bill was reintroduced in 2024 with support from a high-profile citizen advocate: Logan Marmino, star of Apple TV+’s Best Foot Forward.

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