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A Fitting End to My Socket Saga

I heard I was an easy socket fit so many times that I started believing it. Eventually I learned that, like most amputees, I'm a difficult fit. But my prosthetist made it seem easy.

Priced Out: The True Cost of Prosthetic Care

Priced Out: The True Cost of Prosthetic Care

by Ali Hussaini It’s a slow march forward. Advancements in technology, orthopedic surgery, 3D printing, and user-initiated support groups are collectively stabilizing the ground and helping people with limb difference provide more vocal, more informed feedback in the prosthetics field. Prosthesis users are increasingly comfortable in communicating their desires (and criticisms) of prosthetic care, and manufacturers and practitioners are...


Personal Bests

World-renowned prosthetist Francois Van Der Watt has been helping amputee athletes achieve maximum speed since the Flex-Foot Cheetah was a mere kitten.