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Bionics for Everyone: Prosthetics and Purchasing Power

When you’re looking for an electrician or plumber who won’t rip you off, you can read the customer reviews at Angie’s List. If you want to know what other travelers think about a restaurant or hotel, there’s TripAdvisor. Before you click “purchase” on a new laptop or phone, maybe you check the ratings at CNET or Consumer Reports. But...


Amputee Newsmakers: April 8-14, 2021

The first story in this week’s roundup really captures the spirit of Limb Loss Awareness Month. Quick version: A right leg amputee named Kalob Harrison was shooting the breeze with his able-bodied auto mechanic, and the mechanic asked why Harrison didn’t use a prosthesis. That led to a connection with another amputee in town, James...


The Wikipedia of Bionic Limbs

Innovation in bionic limb technology is among the big amputee trends we’re tracking this year, and one of our go-to sources of information on this subject is Bionics for Everyone. This incredibly helpful website is sort of a cross between Wikipedia and Consumer Reports. You get a mix of educational articles that explain how the...