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First Person: Can’t Keep an Amputee Down

Do you ever have moments when your world stops short because you’re hurting and you can’t get out and be as active as you would like? Every day can’t be sunshine and roses. Sometimes my socket just rubs me the wrong way. When those times come, and they often do, I am always looking to...


First Person: Amputee Hiking, One Step at a Time

It took our friend and frequent contributor Angie Heuser slightly more than a year post-amputation to get back out on the hiking trail. As you’ve undoubtedly noticed, Angie has hardly been idle—she learned how to surf less than a year after her surgery, ran a 10K race right around the time of her first ampuversary,...


1st Person: Restoring a Sense of Balance

It’s been a while since we checked in with Angie Heuser. Quick refresher: Angie became an LAKA in December 2018, learned to surf about a year later, and ran her first 10K as an amputee a month or so after that. She also raises money (and lifts spirits) for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. A...


1st Person: Amputee surfing

This story comes to us from Angie Heuser, a LAKA from Phoenix. Within months of her operation, she resumed running; a few weeks later she took up surfing. Follow her journey at Angie Heuser rides the waves on one leg Mana is the Hawaiian word for power. The power of the wave as it takes...