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Rick Bowers Named Contributing Editor for Amplitude Media Group

A Message from the Contributing Editor

Posted June 23, 2014


My name is Rick Bowers, and I was recently named contributing editor for Amplitude Media Group. As such, I am honored to have the awesome opportunity to help Amplitude Media provide relevant information and resources to help people with limb loss and limb absence live more fully.

I have been working in the amputee community for nearly 15 years, and many of you might already know me. I am a former communications and public relations manager for the Amputee Coalition and was a writer and editor for inMotion magazine for nearly 11 years. After that, I was editor-in-chief of Amp It Up! magazine and Amputee News.

Recently, when Amplitude Media Group offered me the opportunity to join its outreach efforts to amputees, I jumped at the chance. Although I was passionate about Amp It Up! magazine and Amputee News, Amplitude Media Group, brought to you by the publisher of The O&P EDGE, has strong leadership and an experienced staff that offer the potential to reach far more amputees, their families, and their caregivers.

Amplitude Media Group is building a large amputee community and is serious about disseminating important information to its members through a variety of communications channels. Throughout my years of working with amputees, I have learned that just a little information can go a long way in an amputee’s life. For example, I have known numerous amputees who never received peer support after their amputation because they didn’t know such a thing even existed. For these individuals, peer support early in their recovery period, or ideally even before their amputation, could have made such a huge difference in their lives. Instead, because of a lack of information, they were needlessly forced to face amputation all alone. I’ve also known numerous amputees who have benefited from getting free prosthetic devices from nonprofit organizations for recreational activities and sports. Other amputees who want to be active but only have a regular walking prosthesis need to know about these available resources, but most do not. In addition, several amputees I’ve known have received large loans or grants from organizations like Vocational Rehabilitation to start or improve their businesses, and yet so many amputees are unaware that such opportunities exist.

Amplitude Media intends to change that, and I’m glad to be a part of this important effort.

Stay tuned to Amplitude in the future to find those nuggets of information that can make such a difference in your own life or in the life of someone important to you.

Feel free to contact me at [email protected] to let me know what you think of the community we are building and the information we are providing.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Rick Bowers

Contributing Editor, Amplitude Media Group