There are so many nonprofits doing good work on behalf of amputees that it seems impossible to keep track of them all. But we’re going to try anyway. Every week (or so) we’ll highlight one organization or person that’s out there trying to make life better for amputees. This week’s Worthy Cause: Limbs for Life Foundation.

Name: Limbs for Life Foundation
Founder: Oklahoma City prosthetist John Sabolich founded Limbs for Life in 1995. A second-generation practitioner (his dad entered the profession in 1947), Sabolich encountered too many amputees who lacked the insurance coverage needed to get first-rate prosthetic care. He began serving uninsured amputees at his own clinic, then gradually developed a network of partner clinics around the country and eventually extended Limbs for Life’s reach overseas. At 25 years old, it is one of the longest-running amputee support organizations in the country.
What they do: Provide financial support for prosthetic care, distribute donated prosthetic components, and provide information and referrals.
Who they serve: Amputees throughout the United States and abroad who lack the financial means to obtain prosthetic devices and care. Limbs for Life assists nearly 3,000 amputees per year.
In their own words: “Despite the economic crisis, despite the political and social unrest, despite the pandemic, in 2020 Limbs for Life provided more financial assistance for prosthetic care to more amputees than ever before. We plan to put even more amputees back on their feet in 2021.”—Lucy Fraser, executive director
Get involved: If you have a used prosthesis or components, donations are always welcome and needed. Small fundraisers add up—just $2500 can pay for a below-knee prosthesis, so a few hundred dollars here or there makes a big difference. Limbs for Life needs volunteers for its own events, and it is always looking for new O&P practitioners to add to its network of 300+ partner clinics.
Make a donation:
Connect with Limbs for Life: On Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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