Worthy Causes: Jordan Thomas Foundation




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There are so many nonprofits doing good work on behalf of amputees that it seems impossible to keep track of them all. But we’re going to try anyway. Every week we’ll highlight one organization or person that’s out there trying to make life better for amputees. This week’s Worthy Cause: Jordan Thomas Foundation.

Name: Jordan Thomas Foundation

Founder: Jordan Thomas was just a teenager when he lost both legs in a boating accident in 2005. During his hospital stay he met even younger amputees, many of whom lacked the financial resources for prosthetic care. By the time he returned home, Thomas had launched his foundation. Family members provided the initial seed money, and charity golf tournaments (a natural fit for Thomas, who excels at golf) emerged as the main fundraising vehicle. Thomas has since earned recognition from CNN, the Golf Channel, and George H.W. Bush’s Points of Light Foundation.

What they do: Cover the cost of prosthetic devices and care for children until they reach the age of 18. Since kids go through multiple devices as they age, these costs can total several hundred thousand dollars per person.

Who they serve: Children in the United States, Central America, and nations overseas.

In Jordan’s own words: “Kids are outgrowing legs every 18 to 24 months so every year and a half to two years, they need new legs. Imagine the burden that puts on families, consistently having to shell out exorbitant amounts of money every 18 to 24 months in order to have their kids simply walk. . . . Prosthetics are not a luxury. It’s absolutely a necessity. It is incumbent upon us to provide our children with the opportunity to live happy, successful lives.”

Get involved: Students frequently hold fundraisers to support the Jordan Thomas Foundation. You can also volunteer, refer a child who needs prosthetic care, or sponsor an event.

Make a donation: https://jtf.z2systems.com/np/clients/jtf/donation.jsp

Connect with the Jordan Thomas Foundation: On Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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