There are so many nonprofits doing good work on behalf of amputees that it seems impossible to keep track of them all. But we’re going to try anyway. Every week we’ll highlight one organization or person that’s out there trying to make life better for amputees. This week’s Worthy Cause: the Abled Amputees Foundation.

Name: Abled Amputees Foundation
Founder: Doug Durham was diagnosed with Albright’s Syndrome (a brittle-bone disease) at age three and became an above-knee amputee at age 16. Today, as a state-level director in Hanger Clinics’ post-acute rehabilitation division, Durham sees first-hand the enormous impact of physical and occupational therapy on amputees’ recovery from limb loss. He founded Abled Amputees in 2013 to raise awareness about the importance of PT/OT and to help individuals get access to services as they recover from limb loss.
What they do: Help amputees maintain independence, health, and high quality of life by providing financial assistance for physical therapy and occupational therapy.
Who they serve: Amputees who, because of lost income and/or insurance caps, don’t have access to the level of PT/OT needed to support their health and independence.
In their own words: “The benefits of physical and occupational therapy for amputees are many. Learning to navigate obstacles, regaining balance, and learning how to walk are huge parts of giving someone a better life. For upper-limb amputees, being able to pick up and hold things, navigate around your kitchen, and handle the normal activities of daily living are priceless. . . . . The average cost of a private-pay therapy visit is $150, and doctors recommend at least 6 to 10 visits for amputees with a new below-the-knee prosthesis. This quickly adds up to at least $900—and this is where Abled Amputees can make a meaningful difference.”
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