The Yelp of Accessibility

Social distancing won’t last forever.

When it’s safe to go out again, iAccess will be ready.

Image courtesy of iAccess.

Long before COVID-19 loomed as a problem, Brandon Winfield scheduled the release of iAccess 2.0 for late March. That seemed like perfect timing for the new version of Winfield’s travel and entertainment app, in which people with mobility impairments can rate public places for ease of access.

Image courtesy of Brandon Winfield.

Billed as “the Yelp of accessibility,” iAccess had an impressive launch in 2019. Thousands of users have logged reviews for more than 3,500 theaters, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, gyms, malls, and other facilities all over the country.

Winfield and his partners viewed 2020 as a potential breakout year. They didn’t expect the country to be hunkered down to stop the spread of COVID-19. On the day iAccess 2.0 went live, stay-at-home orders took effect in ten states.

“The timing was unfortunate,” Winfield says. “But that’s all right. We’ll still be here when everyone’s ready to start traveling again. I’m expecting there to be a surge once we go ahead and resume normal life.”

That forward-facing approach seems to come naturally for Winfield, who became a paraplegic ten years ago after a motocross accident.

“I thought, ‘How are we gonna deal with it?’” he recalls. “‘Are we just gonna be sad about it and just kind of sulk and withdraw, or are we going to embrace it and go live life to its fullest?’ My whole thing with creating iAccess is to show people that there’s so much they can still do. Go out, do fun things, enjoy your life, and don’t be deterred by your disability. See the world and leave your mark.”

iAccess 2.0 is totally free, and the new version includes a special ratings category for amputees. Download at the App Store or Google Play.

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