Wait ’Til Next Year

How are amputee athletes reacting to the Tokyo Paralympics being postponed until 2021?


Although I’m disappointed, I try not to dwell on it. There are people who are losing their businesses and people who don’t have enough to eat. Sending love to all of us living through disappointments and hardship.

LACEY HENDERSONtrack and field

The postponement of the Games is forcing me to check the reasons why I am doing what I do. How many of us were on the verge of burning out before we were forced to stay at home? How many of us are given an opportunity now to see what we value as important or worthy of the majority of our time? If I’m learning anything through this pandemic, it’s that we are ultimately still multidimensional.

ERIC DUDAvolleyball

How to summarize the past couple of weeks: gratitude. Although my college season was cut in half, my Paralympic road just extended another year. I am lucky to be sitting in my house in good health and still have a job. I am grateful for my support network keeping me healthy and allowing me to keep pursuing my goals.

BLAKE LEEPERtrack and field

Sport wasn’t cancelled. It just moved inside. Let’s stay resilient and create the longest indoor relay ever. Grab the baton, pick your team, and keep the #indoorrelay going!

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