Psyonic CEO Goes Psycho on Bionic Hand

Courtesy PSYONIC.

Psyonic’s Ability Hand has drawn admiring reviews from IEEE Spectrum, Popular Mechanics, Newsweek, and other publications. We think the company’s YouTube videos are equally worthy of attention. In the most recent episode, Psyonic CEO Aadeel Akhtar puts his creation through a series of escalating abuses to see how well it holds up. The Ability Hand weathers nine of these stunts without impairment; only one actually disables the device (and only temporarily, at that). Can you guess which trial puts the device out of commission?

  • 1. Smashed on table
  • 2. Stood upon by adult male
  • 3. Spun in dryer for ten minutes
  • 4. Tossed off 14-foot roof
  • 5. Tossed off 30-foot roof
  • 6. Knuckle pushups
  • 7. Punched through wooden board
  • 8. Punched through ice block
  • 9. Punched through six ice blocks
  • 10. Punched through three flaming wooden boards

Get the answer at Psyonic’s YouTube channel,

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