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Over the last decade, amputees have grown more visible and vocal than ever. You’re better organized, more confident, and better equipped to advocate for yourselves. The community is making incredible strides in normalizing limb loss and changing the way Americans view amputees. You’re building bridges with the nondisabled world, educating the public about adaptation, and pushing reforms to create a healthier, more inclusive society.

It is Amplitude’s privilege to give these stories the attention they deserve. Since we launched in 2015, we’ve tried to strengthen the community’s voice by sharing more of your experiences, capturing them with greater depth and clarity, and bringing them to new audiences. We’ve also tried to equip you with practical knowledge that helps you make informed decisions about your lives.

Amplitude has always been distributed through free subscriptions. But due to increased printing and shipping expenses, that’s no longer financially viable. So in 2024, we’ll be introducing a new model that preserves everyone’s access to Amplitude, introduces the magazine to tons of new readers, and keeps us on a financially sustainable path.

The first issue of 2024 (January/February) will come to you free, as usual. Beyond that, you can continue receiving Amplitude for $15 per year (or less if you grab the early-bird discount). Visit to sign up.

It’s a modest price—just enough to cover our production and shipping costs—but we know not everyone can comfortably afford it. So we’ll continue sharing articles for free at our website and via our weekly e-newsletter. And we’ll be sending free copies of Amplitude to thousands of O&P facilities and other amputee-serving healthcare settings, so you can flip through our pages during office visits.

You deserve a high-quality publication that reflects your sensibilities and responds to your needs. We’ve loved providing the limb-loss community with a strong voice for the last nine years. With your help, we’ll keep doing it for years to come.

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Next year, your facility will receive two free copies of each issue. Please display them in your waiting room, where they can be read and shared by all. This new model will help us and our advertising partners reach a larger audience than ever. Need additional copies for clinicians and staff? Visit our FAQ page ( for more info.


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