AMPossible: Real-World Solutions for Amputees to Accomplish the Impossible

As an award-winning ghostwriter, Jeffrey Allen Mangus has perfected the art of telling other people’s stories. Here he gives voice to his own tale, which includes serial bouts of sepsis as a type 2 diabetic, three heart attacks, and quintuple bypass heart surgery. When those chronic health battles finally cost him his left leg below the knee in 2017, Mangus took stock and made the positive changes that helped him move forward.

Released this month by Rowman and Littlefield, AMPossible offers plenty of how-to advice for new amputees. Mangus (who volunteers as a Certified Peer Visitor for the Amputee Coalition) addresses everything from wound care to mental health, sexuality, work, and financial planning. There’s also plenty of thought-provoking material for amputees who’ve addressed their practical needs but haven’t yet discovered meaning and satisfaction in this new phase of their lives. 

British amputee model Rebecca Legon calls AMPossible “an inspirational and informative real-life guide.” Another reviewer, motivational speaker Todd Waite, adds: “If you are looking to be inspired, AMPossible will give you a positive kick in the butt.”

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