Between the pandemic, the weather, and our own bad habits, we haven’t been very mobile so far in 2021. It took us until July 4 weekend to get our poor neglected bicycle out of the garage, and we still haven’t made it up to the mountains for a hike. If not for the obligation to walk the dogs, we might not have 10,000 steps to our name all year.

But that changes this month. As we did last year, Amplitude will be sponsoring a team in the Range of Motion Project’s annual summer fundraiser, Climbing for ROMP. That means we’ll be celebrating mobility on July 31 to support a cause that matters to every amputee: access to prosthetic care.

Last year’s event drew participants from 47 of the 50 states—walkers, hikers, bikers, runners, wheelchairers, you name it—and raised nearly $30,000, enough to get 20 amputees back on their feet. The 11 members of Team Amplitude collectively raised $640, the third-best total among several dozen entrants.

Team Amplitude welcomes everyone, from couch potatoes to fitness fanatics. There’s no financial obligation, nor any need to push beyond your comfort zone physically. Just get out and have some fun on July 31. You can join the roster or make a donation at this page. And please help us spread the word via your social channels.