We’ve seen running blades before, but never quite like this one . . . . although admittedly the person wearing this blade isn’t running. But still. We don’t have any idea who this machete-sporting apple assassin is, and we freely admit that his feat doesn’t qualify as “news.” We just think it’s a cool video. The entire clip is only 13 seconds long, including the super-slow-mo replay. Click here or on the photo to view.

And now for something completely different:

Radical idea in this week’s issue of the New Yorker: A mad scientist from Tufts University thinks the tissues in human limbs might have a primitive capacity to remember, think, act, and . . . . regenerate?

Nice media win for Uniteable Inclusive Fashion: a featurette in Forbes. “The direction of this brand is what the community wants to see,” company founder Brittany Burke says in the article. “The brand is built for them, it’s not built for me.” Read more in Amplitude‘s recent conversation with Burke.

Paramount Pictures becomes the first movie studio to embrace the “Ruderman rules,” a set of guidelines to ensure that actors with disabilities (including limb difference) get a fair shot at Hollywood roles.

Does social media give people unrealistic expectations regarding the performance of their prosthetic device? Researchers at Loma Linda University want to know. Share your opinions / insights / experiences via their survey, and a $25 Barnes and Noble gift card could be yours.

Renowned interior designer John Robert Wiltgen shares his experience of Type 1 diabetes, limb loss, and COVID on the All 4 One podcast.

Registration is open for the 2021 Endeavor Games, to be held June 10-13 this year. You can participate either in person at the Endeavor Games venue in Edmonds, OK, or virtually from your own community. Early-bird signup runs through May 16.

Just in time for the NHL playoffs (which begin in six days), below-elbow amputee Kevin Herbert is brushing up on his skating and stickwork. If you’ve got upper-limb difference and like to chase the puck, message him on Insta @kevin_herbert0913.