Last year we introduced you to Hunter Woodhall, whose YouTube channel (with his girlfriend Tara Davis) has more than 100,000 subscribers. But Woodhall is far from the only amputee making a splash on YouTube. The platform is giving amputees a voice and a reach they’ve never had before. This week we’re checking out a handful of people who are drawing big audiences on YouTube, sharing their experiences and demonstrating how rich the lives of today’s amputees really are.

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Stump Kitchen

YouTube Amputee Channel #4: Crew9t

Name: John Maynard
Location: Orlando, FL
Subscribers: 42,200
Total views: 9.4 million
About: “This channel is designed for me to interact with and help to guide any new and recent amputees, as well as any older amputees who still need help, and anybody who is interested in learning more about amputees or our way of life.”
In his own words: “I don’t always like being people’s inspiration. When people tell me I’m being inspiring for literally doing nothing, that’s when it starts to get offensive. Am I an inspiration because I managed to put my clothes on and make it out the door? When a fully functional, two-legged, able-bodied person tells me I’m an inspiration because I manage to wash my own car, that’s more a slap in my face than a compliment.”
Popular videos:Am I Really An Inspiration?”; “How Do Amputees Dream?”; “Amputee Ice Skating”; “Coworker Accidentally Discovers I’m an Amputee