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5 Things to Do During Diabetes Awareness Month

Diabetes has always had an outsized impact on the limb-loss community. The best data suggest that this disease and its complications cause about half the amputations in the country. That makes Diabetes Awareness Month, which started Monday, worthy of every amputee’s time and attention. Even if you don’t have diabetes, there’s a high likelihood you...


Who’s at Greatest Risk of Limb Loss from Vascular Disease?

Earlier this year, the American Heart Association threw its weight behind a campaign to drastically reduce limb loss related to diabetes and peripheral artery disease (PAD). Those two conditions cause slightly more than half of all U.S. amputations, or an estimated 100,000 amputations a year. The AHA’s goal is to reduce limb loss by 20...


A Pandemic Within a Pandemic

Multiple investigations have shown sharp increases in diabetes-related amputations since the pandemic began, as individuals either are unable or reluctant to access necessary care.