Darco and Sensoria Team Up on Next-Gen Diabetic Shoes

For thousands of Americans each year, the road to limb loss begins with a diabetic foot wound. Roughly one in three Americans with diabetes will experience this complication at some point.

Early detection and intervention greatly reduce the odds that a foot wound will progress into a limb-threatening crisis. With that objective in mind, Sensoria Health and Darco International have teamed up on a line of smart diabetic footwear that’s designed to help patients and podiatrists stay ahead of the healing curve.

The partnership builds on Sensoria’s smart boot, which won a healthcare innovation award at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show. That product incorporates pressure sensors with interchangeable insoles that take the pressure off diabetic foot ulcers and improve circulation. Monitoring data is fed into a cloud-based algorithm, which constantly crunches the numbers and transmits alerts to both the patient and the practitioner when conditions worsen. 

The same technology will now be built into select products in Darco’s line of specialized diabetic footwear, creating a broader range of options for consumers and clinicians. 

“It is now obvious that connected footwear will play a major role in the future of diabetic care,” says Darrel Darby, the CEO of Darco. “The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services are embracing remote patient monitoring and remote therapeutic monitoring.”

“The combination of Sensoria’s remote patient monitoring technology and DARCO’s manufacturing and medical footwear design expertise will help reduce risk of amputations and improve people’s lives,” adds Sensoria CEO Davide Vigano. “We are excited about bringing the next generation of diabetic footwear to market.”

For more information on the partnership, visit the companies’ websites at sensoriahealth.com and darcointernational.com.

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