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Sweet Surprises of Social Distancing

by Alexandra Capellini I ended the call as we said “Good night” and checked my phone’s log: We’d been talking for an hour and 35 minutes. Was that too long for a weeknight when I had homework to finish and lab the next morning? It didn’t seem to matter. We had a lot to cover....


A Pandemic Within a Pandemic

Multiple investigations have shown sharp increases in diabetes-related amputations since the pandemic began, as individuals either are unable or reluctant to access necessary care.


COVID-19’s Impact on Amputee Health

If you’re living with limb loss, you don’t have to get infected by COVID-19 to be affected by the disease. At least, that’s the hypothesis being tested by a Ph.D. candidate at Syracuse University. Kyle Leister, who is a certified prosthetist as well as a graduate student, is leading a study to determine whether quarantine...