TASKA Prosthetics Has Just Introduced a Small Hand

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from Fillauer

TASKATM founder and inventor Mat Jury, a native of New Zealand, knows a little about what it’s like to lose the use of a hand. After he broke both of his arms in a mountain bike accident, he was offered a glimpse into the daily challenges faced by amputees and limb-different individuals as they navigate their everyday life. The experience acted as a catalyst for the creation of the TASKA myoelectric hand.

Mat worked tirelessly to discover what it was that limb-different individuals needed in a workable and durable device, talking to international experts, clinicians, and users. From that knowledge he designed a new prosthetic device that was both rugged and flexible, and it looked pretty awesome too! 

Early receipt of the TASKA hand was positive, with users amazed at its natural movement, flexibility, precision, and most importantly its IP67 waterproof and dustproof ratings. Users no longer had to worry about watering their lawn, doing laundry, getting caught in the rain, or keeping the device clean; things most people take for granted in their world. The hand was also made to get dirty, even handling tough jobs like landscaping and mechanical work.  

Additional features like the breakaway Knuckle Release help to protect the digits from breaking and can be fixed with a simple power-cycle of the hand. The Quick Disconnect wrist feature that works with a simple twist, more like replacing a camera lens than a typical terminal device connection with multiple rotations, is also a popular feature of the hand.   

Most users love the fact that the hand isn’t as intimidating to other people. One user, Rik, said, “I’d always been very conscious of my arm and would get anxious when I had to interact with other people. Now I find people no longer feel awkward about addressing my disability and instead are fascinated by the technology.” 

The TASKA hand has earned a reputation for being the most robust myoelectric, multiarticulating hand on the market—and the only waterproof one. It has won multiple international innovation awards, and most importantly, changed the lives of its users.  

The New TASKA CXTM Small Hand is a Big Deal!  

From those first-generation hands, the TASKA design has now been reworked from the ground up, slimmed down and improved both aesthetically and functionally—resulting in the release earlier this year of the TASKA CX Small Hand. 

New features on the smaller hand include greater finger splay for better and more reliable grips, capacitive fingertips allowing touchscreen use, and a whole new motor design allowing users to perform tasks faster with more precision. Materials have been upgraded on the thumb joint, and the hand is customizable with different colored cover plates available in a variety of colors. 

Similar to the other TASKA hands, the new TASKA CX Small Hand features multiple preset grips, breakaway joints, and is waterproof and dustproof. The Hand is also compatible with a wide variety of myoelectric components and the COAPTTM system.  

Ask any TASKA enthusiast about their impressions of the new hand and you get nothing but positive responses. Actor, instructor, and volunteer for the Amputee Coalition of America, Melanie Waldman, says, “I’m finding a new way to express my authenticity. My TASKA gives me self-confidence and I’m finding my way back to the things I love the most.” 

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