Answers: How Well Do You Know TV’s Amputee Actors?

Which actor was working in an Amazon distribution center before landing their debut TV role?
ALAQUA COX. According to People, Cox had taken a break from college and was marking time at a fulfillment center while she figured out what to do with the rest of her life. She had never acted, not even in high school, nor did she have any ambition to do so. But when Marvel sent out a casting call for a young Native American woman to play the character of Echo, Cox decided to give it a shot. Eat your heart out, Bezos. RETURN TO QUIZ

Who made their screen debut as a zombie in The Walking Dead?
ERIC GRAISE. His IMDb page lists two appearances on the show: Season 2, Episode 3 (“Save the Last One”), and Season 7, Episode 3 (“The Cell”). But on his Instagram page, Graise says he also showed up in an unspecified Season 6 episode. “I was killed each time,” he laughs. “[Walking Dead star] Austin Amelio was cool to work with and a tough fighter.” RETURN TO QUIZ

Which actor utters this dialogue: “We’re gonna have to draw power from it while utilizing its curvature of space-time to thread the wormhole. I have not done this before, and it is gonna be tricky.”
KURT YAEGER. His character in Another Life, Dillon Conner, is a tech engineer who’s been thawed out from hypersleep to beef up the depleted crew of the space vessel Salvare. The line in question occurs in Episode 5 of the current season, “A Better Earth.” Spoiler alert: Conner executes the high-stakes wormhole threading and gets the Salvare out of a tough spot. RETURN TO QUIZ

Who served as a commentator during NBC’s broadcast of the 2016 Summer Paralympics in Rio?
KATY SULLIVAN. A late bloomer in athletics, Sullivan won four national championships in the 100 meter dash and set (and still holds) the US record in her classification. In 2007 Sullivan became the first bilateral above-knee amputee to compete internationally in ambulatory track, and she placed sixth in the 2012 London Paralympics. RETURN TO QUIZ

Which actor’s character says: “Don’t listen to her, man. He turned her into a psycho demon chick”?
ERIC GRAISE. In Locke & Key he plays Logan Calloway, a character who has been described as a “reality check” on the show’s premise. While the other characters buy in to the idea that magical keys, hidden worlds, and demonic enemies really exist, Calloway remains skeptical and regularly tells his friends how crazy they sound. But he still has their backs as they battle the demons. RETURN TO QUIZ

Who wears a prosthesis on screen provided by Amputee Blade Runners?
ZYRA GORECKI. Shortly after Gorecki lost her leg in an accident, another amputee in her hometown put her in touch with Amputee Blade Runners, enabling her to obtain a fitness prosthesis. She puts the device to extensive use in La Brea, because Gorecki’s character (Izzy Harris) does a ton of running throughout Season 1, beginning at about the 2:00 mark of the first episode. RETURN TO QUIZ

Which actor holds a master’s degree in hydrogeology?
KURT YAEGER. “Having one leg is the least interesting thing about me,” Yaeger told the Casting Society of America. “I was working on my master’s degree in hydrogeology and doing fluvial experimentations at Berkeley Labs when I ripped my leg off [in a motorcycle accident].” He eventually completed the degree from San Francisco State University. RETURN TO QUIZ

Whose character interrupts two passionate lovers with this announcement: “Mrs. Gross’s sheep got loose on the Steiner property. They’re eating his winter plantings”?
KATY SULLIVAN. Her character in Dexter: New Blood is Esther, the quirky small-town police dispatcher in fictional Iron Lake, New York. This line of dialogue comes crackling over the squad-car radio while the police chief and her boyfriend (the title character) are going at it during a late-night traffic stop. RETURN TO QUIZ

Which actor has signed up to star in an upcoming spinoff series based on their character?
ALAQUA COX. Her debut series hasn’t even started yet, and Marvel already has flashed the green light on Echo, based on Cox’s character. According to Variety, the show has been in the planning stages since early this spring. All the more reason to get to know Cox and her character when Hawkeye debuts on November 24.

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