There are so many amputees on TV these days it’s getting hard to keep track of them all. There will be no fewer than five limb-different actors on the airwaves by next week, when Alaqua Cox makes her debut in Hawkeye on Disney+. She’ll join Katy Sullivan, who plays a police dispatcher in Showtime’s new season of Dexter; Eric Graise, returning as Logan Calloway for Season 2 of Locke & Key; Kurt Yaeger, aka Dillon Conner in Season 2 of Another Life; and Zyra Gorecki, who’s playing Izzy Harris on NBC’s La Brea. (The latter show just got picked up for a second season, if you haven’t heard.)

It’s not exactly a cast of thousands, but that’s still a pretty good-sized troupe in an industry with a long history of neglecting performers with disabilities. Let’s see how well you know your Graise from your Gorecki: Click on the actor who you think answers each question; then get the backstory.

Which actor was working in an Amazon distribution center before landing their debut TV role?

Who made their screen debut as a zombie in The Walking Dead?

Which actor utters this dialogue: “We’re gonna have to draw power from it while utilizing its curvature of space-time to thread the wormhole. I have not done this before, and it is gonna be tricky.”

Who served as a commentator during NBC’s broadcast of the 2016 Summer Paralympics in Rio?

Which actor’s character says: “Don’t listen to her, man. He turned her into a psycho demon chick”?

Who wears a prosthesis on screen provided by Amputee Blade Runners?

Which actor holds a master’s degree in hydrogeology?

Whose character interrupts two passionate lovers with this announcement: “Mrs. Gross’s sheep got loose on the Steiner property. They’re eating his winter plantings”?

Which actor has signed up to star in an upcoming spinoff series based on their character?