Amplitude 24/7

Case Clothed

Brittany Burke takes amputee fashions personally. Her newly launched Uniteable clothing line is setting new standards for inclusivity.

The Bucket List

The next two boxes to check for Brian Bell:

1. lead Team USA to its second straight gold in wheelchair hoops
2. turn US viewers on to the sport

ADA 2.0

Nicole Kelly is the same age as the Americans With Disabilities Act. She’s grown and evolved, but the law hasn’t. Time for a reboot?

Whole Lotta Love

Ezra Frech’s heart kind of broke when the Paralympics got postponed. But he rebounded fast, as teenagers do—and he’s stronger for the experience.

Take A Hike, COVID

The pandemic wrecked Bjoern Eser’s trail ambitions in 2020. But he’s back on the march this year, leaving COVID further in the distance with each step.

Show and Tell

Amputees have been appearing on reality TV for two decades. Here are six who got lots of screen time and changed perceptions of limb loss.

Back to Where He Once Belonged

After a decade on tour as a rock guitarist, Dan Aid returned to his acting roots. Finding authentic disabled characters to play hasn’t been easy.

Zero Limbs in Zero Gravity

Elon Musk will soon be sending civilians into outer space, and one of the earliest passengers might be quadruple amputee Philippe Croizon.

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