If we haven’t convinced you yet to complete the 2022 Amputee Community Survey that we’re co-sponsoring with the Liner Wand, here’s another reason: Levitate has put up a running blade to be awarded at random to one survey respondent. The drawing takes place on January 31, a few weeks before the survey closes, so if you’re a procrastinator like we are, don’t dawdle too long.

If you’re not familiar with Levitate Blades, they’re designed for amputees who want to stay active but aren’t gunning for the Paralympics. The company’s founder, Lasse Madsen, is an amputee runner himself, so he’s familiar with the barriers (including high cost) that routinely prevent people from resuming exercise after limb loss. Levitate is designed to permit more amputees to participate in sports. Whoever wins the prize is getting an incredible opportunity.

Response to the survey has been strong so far, so if you haven’t taken the 10 minutes yet, now’s the time. Remember: The data’s confidential and your personal info won’t be shared with anyone, but the survey results will educate prosthetists, surgeons, policymakers, and others who serve the amputee community.

Take the survey here, and learn more about this project in our January/February issue.