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Getting to the Big Leagues

American media and corporate partners are making a concerted effort to raise the Paralympics’ visibility in the United States to unprecedented levels,


Move United Sets Out to Demistify Disability

Has it really only been 11 months since Disabled Sports USA and Adaptive Sports USA merged to create Move United? Seems like it’s been longer than that; the new organization has been very busy. They’ll keep the momentum going and mark their first anniversary next month with the 2021 Move United Education Conference. This virtual...


Move United Enlarges the Tent for Adaptive Sports

When Adaptive Sports USA and Disabled Sports USA merged earlier this year to form Move United, the new entity instantly became the nation’s largest adaptive sports network. Now it’s setting the stage for further growth by creating a new Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Leadership Team. Designed to attract new participants from low-income populations and...