After being virtual for two years, the Move United Education Conference will return to an in-person footing this year. With the theme of “Challenging Ableism Through Sport: Awareness, Access, & Action,” the event will take place May 9 through 11 in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where the Paralympic movement is rooted.

“Sport is a powerful tool for change,” says Move United executive director Glenn Merry. “Again and again through history, sport has led societal movements for inclusion and equity. This year’s theme reflects Move United’s vision to challenge what’s possible for athletes and America.”

Conference highlights will include an opening reception at the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Museum, five preconference workshops, more than 30 sessions involving more than 55 speakers, and a roundtable discussion around solving barriers to sport access. Speakers include industry professionals from all across the country, including high-profile adaptive athletes such as Ileana Rodriguez, Mary Allison Milford-Cook, Patty Cisneros Prevo, Stephanie Wheeler, and Christina Ripp Schwab.

The nation’s largest network of community-based adaptive organizations, Move United has been a powerful driver in promoting inclusive, accessible sports programming. It has member organizations in all 50 states and has committed more than half a million dollars in the past year to train hundreds of instructors and coaches around the country. The annual Education Conference typically draws national participation, with attendees coming from Move United member organizations, general sport agencies, city parks and recreation departments, medical professionals, disability resource groups, and other parts of the limb-loss community.

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