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Aargh, Mateys! Time To Get Yer Pirate On!

Aargh, Mateys! Time To Get Yer Pirate On!

The  image that springs to mind when most people hear the word pirate is that of the traditional bearded sailor, hook-handed, peg-legged, and eye-patched. Although injuries sustained from cannon fire and sword fights did often result in the ship’s cook amputating a sailor’s infected limb to save his life (using rum as an anesthetic), he most often died from infection after the amputation surgery. Oddly enough, few pirates were actual amputees; yet the Golden Age of Piracy depicting weather-beaten, leather-skinned amputees is still the stuff great seafaring stories are made of. Given this, you’ll still find many a Jack Sparrow if you go hunting in the right places.