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A Pandemic Within a Pandemic

Multiple investigations have shown sharp increases in diabetes-related amputations since the pandemic began, as individuals either are unable or reluctant to access necessary care.


COVID-19’s Impact on Amputee Health

If you’re living with limb loss, you don’t have to get infected by COVID-19 to be affected by the disease. At least, that’s the hypothesis being tested by a Ph.D. candidate at Syracuse University. Kyle Leister, who is a certified prosthetist as well as a graduate student, is leading a study to determine whether quarantine...


The Professional Value-Add of Limb Loss

When John Register counsels amputees, he starts with a simple message: You have more worth than you realize. An LBKA since 1994, Register well remembers the difficult process of tearing down his old thought patterns and rebuilding his sense of self-worth after losing his leg. His amputation destroyed his lifelong dream of competing in the Olympics, leaving him without a goal to focus on and no clear definition of what it meant to be successful.


Amputee Coalition Conference: 6 Don’t-Miss Sessions

The Amputee Coalition has released the preliminary schedule for 2020 National Conference, and we’re pleased to find a number of familiar faces and themes on the slate. A good number of the sessions will be led by people who’ve appeared recently in Amplitude‘s pages. Several others cover subjects we’re keenly interested in and have written...

Tokyo 2021: Lacey Henderson Looks Ahead

Tokyo 2021: Lacey Henderson Looks Ahead

When we spoke to Lacey Henderson back on March 19, the Paralympics were still supposedly going to be held on schedule in August 2020. She no longer had a place to train, though—her regular training facility had closed a few days earlier—and all the spring qualifying meets had been called off.