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Amplitude 24/7 May 2021

Case Clothed Brittany Burke takes amputee fashions personally. Her newly launched Uniteable clothing line is setting new standards for inclusivity. The Bucket List The next two boxes to check for Brian Bell: 1. lead Team USA to its second straight gold in wheelchair hoops2. turn US viewers on to the sport ADA 2.0...


Amplitude 24/7

Amputee news, trends, and features for March 2021 from Amplitude Magazine, the nation's top amputee lifestyle magazine.


The 10 Most Popular Amplitude Stories of 2020

Fun fact: Amplitude‘s web traffic nearly tripled in 2020. Our overall social media following (aggregate of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) increased by about 60 percent. It’s incredibly rewarding to see that level of growth, and we’re so grateful to everyone who spent time on our platforms (both print and digital) and helped us expand our...