Last year we introduced you to Hunter Woodhall, whose YouTube channel (with his girlfriend Tara Davis) has more than 100,000 subscribers. But Woodhall is far from the only amputee making a splash on YouTube. The platform is giving amputees a voice and a reach they’ve never had before. This week we’re checking out a handful of people who are drawing big audiences on YouTube, sharing their experiences and demonstrating how rich the lives of today’s amputees really are.

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YouTube Amputee Channel #2: Footless Jo

Name: Jo Beckwith
Location: Colorado Springs, CO
Subscribers: 122,000
Total views: 20 million
About: “A Colorado girl tackling the new life of being a below-the-knee amputee. Follow my journey from before surgery to the present as I talk about the ups and downs of this massive life change, and discover what life looks like on this side of amputation.”
In her own words: “It’s never a good thing when your doctors are telling each other: ‘Hey, come check out this X-ray. I’ve never seen anything like this before.’ . . . . I was told I could get an ankle replacement, but I’d still be living in pain, I’d have very limited mobility, and I’d probably have to continue having surgeries. I just couldn’t do that anymore. I wanted to live life, embrace life, and stop living from surgery to surgery. Even though this is hard, even though it’s really painful, there’s hope again. I can finally work toward something. And that’s super exciting. I’ve never had a moment of regret.”
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