Take A Hike

Brooke Artesi and her son, Ricco, enjoy the outdoors together. Image by Julian Huarte Photography.

Over the past several years, amputees have climbed Kilimanjaro, Volcán Cayambe, and other prominent mountains around the world. While these amazing feats show the world what amputees are capable of, you don’t have to commit to a huge challenge to enjoy the great outdoors. You can have a wonderful experience by participating in a day hike.

After completing a 20-mile Appalachian Trail trek, Brooke Artesi—an amputee, avid hiker, and certified prosthetist and orthotist—realized that orthotic and prosthetic patients could reap many benefits from hiking. Artesi tested her hypothesis by leading 13 hikers on a beginner’s trail at Pyramid Mountain in Montville, New Jersey, to introduce them to hiking and the beauty of the landscape.

“I love the challenge and the exhilaration at the finish, and I also love seeing people who never thought they could do it find that they are stronger than they thought. That’s most exciting to me,” said Artesi.

The hike was met with so much enthusiasm that monthly hikes have now been scheduled in the New Jersey area.

For more information, visit http://sunshinepando.com/events. If you are not close to New Jersey, look for a similar event near you, suggest one to your support group, or consider planning your own.

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