Are You Ready For Some Wheels?

Lower-limb amputees rely on a variety of mobility solutions, and no solution is right for every situation. While some use a prosthesis, others use crutches, and others use a wheelchair full time. But, even if you are a lower-limb amputee who primarily uses prosthetic devices or crutches, there may be a place for a wheelchair in your mobility toolkit, such as around the house for convenience or when you’re tired, at work, or going on a day trip or vacation.

If you use or are considering getting a wheelchair, the online community Wheel:Life can help answer any questions you might have.

The organization’s resources include:

  • A website, a monthly e-newsletter, and Twitter (@WheelLifeOnline) and Facebook

( platforms

  • An upcoming e-book series
  • An annual event that focuses on accessible travel

These resources can help you:

  • Find health and medical information, related research, and news
  • Explore educational and employment opportunities
  • Research adaptive equipment, assistive technology, home modifications, and home medical equipment
  • Network with peer support groups
  • Discover accessible travel destinations
  • Locate sports and recreational programs
  • Enjoy a full and active life as a wheelchair user

The Wheel:Life website is updated regularly and includes articles on a wide variety of subjects, such as “Rolling Forward With Amputee Advocate Stella Sieber,” “Wheeling Around the World With Susie Twydell,” and “Speak Up Now to Save Your Wheelchair: Fight Medicare Cuts.” Membership is free for anyone who uses a wheelchair.

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