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Single and The Retreat

Single and The Retreat

If you’d like to see more amputees portrayed by amputees in film, you might be interested in the 15-minute film
Single and the new web series The Retreat, from BlackOak TV.

SINGLE is the story of a young woman named Kim, who has one arm, and her experience on a blind date with a young man named Jake. An interesting surprise on the date leads Kim to self-reflection. The film’s portrayal of serious subject matter with comedic twists will give viewers, whether they have disabilities or not, a lot to think about. Single was a Special Jury Recognition winner at the 2020 SXSW Film Festival for Narrative Shorts.

To watch:

Delaney Feener (Kim):

Jordan Wiseley (Jake):

THE RETREAT is a suspenseful drama series featuring an all-black-women cast. The concept: An artist retreat. A devastating secret revealed. The schemes that follow.

One of the main characters, Pamela Hairston, is portrayed by Donna R. Walton, EdD, a cancer survivor, above-knee amputee, and former Amplitude contributor.

Watch as the story heats up week after week.

To watch:

Donna R. Walton (Pamela):

Warning: These films contain graphic language.