Open Inclusion Contest: Hard Cash for Amputee Hacks

The 2nd annual Simply Open Awards contest kicked off a few weeks ago, offering you another chance to cash in on your clever life hacks. The rules are largely the same as last year: The judges are looking for easy-to-implement ideas that remove barriers to accessibility for people with disabilities. That phrase “easy to implement” is key: The ideal entry can be executed by anyone, requiring no extraordinary skills, equipment, or financial means. If you’re looking to show off your complex invention or advanced engineering chops, the Simply Open Awards is the wrong contest for you.

The total prize money is the same as last year (£25,000, or about $30,000), and so are the entry procedures: Just film a short video that demonstrates your ingenious solution to an everyday accessibility challenge, and upload it to the contest website. Prizes will once again be awarded in five categories, and there’s a new “team” category that will reward the organization that submits the highest number of qualified entries.

Last year’s inaugural competition didn’t draw a large number of amputee entrants, so you could become the first-ever prize winner from the limb-loss community. American entries were also in short supply, but one of them took first place in the Daily Living category and claimed the top prize of £2,000 (about $2,500). The contest is accepting submissions until September 2, and the winners will be announced on December 1. Get more information at

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