New Names for Limb Loss/Difference Awareness Month

April marks the 13th Limb Loss and Limb Difference Awareness Month. It’s had a tremendous impact over the years, cultivating a shared sense of pride among amputees while getting attention and changing perceptions in the nondisabled world.

There’s only one thing about it we’d change: the name.

Yes, Limb Loss and Limb Difference Awareness Month is descriptive. But it’s the opposite of memorable or snappy. Even the acronym (LLLDAM) is a tongue twister.

So we solicited ideas for alternate names from our social media followers. We received some pretty good suggestions. Here are the best of the bunch, briefly annotated.

Limb Awareness Month | LAM
Submitted by a copyeditor, apparently—preserve the idea, trim the fat. Unfortunately, deleting “loss/difference” trims the actual meat. 

Nub Appreciation Month | NAM
“Short and sweet, just like my arm,” observed this contributor. Cute. Nub really isn’t our favorite word, though.

Limb Loss and Limb Difference Badass Month | LLLDBM
Not shorter, but definitely more catchy. We’re down. 

Costs an Arm and a Leg Month | CAAAALM
Come on, you guys….

Limb Capability Month | LCM 
“Those with limb loss or limb difference are able to do amazing things,” this submitter explains. We like the concept. Mining that vein further, may we propose:

Limb Power Month | LPM 
Alas, “LimbPower” is the trademarked name of a UK nonprofit that supports amputees. The lawyers would have a field day.

Extraordinary Limbs Month | ELM
Feels like we’re getting closer. But our favorite suggestion is:

Rad Amputees Month | RAM
It’s short, catchy, and memorable. It’s got attitude. It reflects a tribal identity. Even the acronym connotes power. 

Have another idea? Email us: And have an outstanding LLLDAM, by whatever name.

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