Limb Loss Awareness Month: Your Ordinary Is Extraordinary

In some corners of the publishing world, you have to hustle to find really good stories. Amplitude has the opposite problem: The limb-loss community generates way more good stories than we can possibly fit into six issues a year. Even counting the digital-only pieces that appear on our website and social channels, we’re only able to share a tiny sliver of the news we hear about.

And then there’s the news we don’t hear about—the everyday challenges and private triumphs that happen on a regular basis, as people are just going about their business. These experiences rarely get publicized, and they might not seem like news. But in the aggregate, they reflect the reality of limb difference in a way no curated media product ever could.

Those are the kinds of stories we’ll be looking for in April during Limb Loss and Limb Difference Awareness Month. The Amputee Coalition’s “Your Ordinary Is Extraordinary” campaign gives overlooked narratives of limb loss a chance to find the audience they deserve. Post them on your social media with the hashtag #LLAM, #WeTHRIVE or #NoAmputeeAlone. Amplitude will be monitoring that feed and drawing attention to it on all our channels.

Whatever your story is, it’s part of the larger story of limb loss. Let us hear it. 

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