Best Smart Scales for Amputees

It may look like a bathroom scale, but don’t be fooled. When you step onto the Withings Body Scan Connected Health Station, you learn a lot more than what you weigh.

This next-generation DIY fitness monitor also takes readings of your cardiovascular system, nerve activity, metabolic rate, body composition, and more. It beams the output straight to your phone, and you have the option to share any (or all) of the data with your physician, prosthetist, physical therapist, or other clinician. If any of your biomarkers raise a red flag, the associated app provides followup suggestions (such as links to fitness programs or clinical advice). 

Body Scan won three Innovation Awards at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year, and it’s on the fast track to earning FDA approval as a medical device. Withings expects to clear that hurdle within a few months and plans to start shipping Body Scan in the second half of 2022. Keep your eyes on Amplitude’s newsletter for updates on product availability.

If Body Scan’s $300 price tag gives you pause, here’s a budget-friendly alternative that’s on the market right now. The Wyze Scale offers much of the same functionality as Body Scan for about a tenth of the price. It monitors a dozen indicators and syncs with your smartphone or tablet, and you can share the data with your FitBit or other smart workout device to easily track data over time. 

However, because it lacks the FDA’s blessing and isn’t backed by any clinical research, the Wyze scale is less useful than Body Scan for serious management of a chronic medical issue. And Wyze doesn’t measure nerve activity in your feet, a Body Scan feature that’s particularly important for anyone who might be seeking to stay on top of diabetes or peripheral vascular disease. 

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