First Cybathlon Scheduled for October 8  

Image courtesy of ETH Zurich/Allesandro Della Bella.

The world’s first Cybathlon is scheduled for October 8 in Zurich, Switzerland. The event will bring together people with physical disabilities from around the world to compete against each other using the latest assistive technologies. 

Because one of the purposes of the event is to provide a platform to promote the development of assistive technologies that help individuals with disabilities, the various courses are designed around day-to-day tasks. Unlike other competitive events for people with disabilities, the Cybathlon is aimed at nonathletes. 

“These technologies are already highly advanced in some areas,” explained Robert Riener, Dr.-Ing, professor at ETH Zurich and founder of the Cybathlon. “But if we judge them according to their suitability for everyday life, it becomes apparent that research and development still have a long way to go.”

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